Alex Tonkonozhenko

Lead Software Engineer


About Me

Like building complex software products.
Enjoy working with big data and high load.
Fan of DevOps culture and clouds.


  • Data engineering: Airflow, Python, AWS Athena, Kafka, Redshift, ElasticSearch, SnowFlake, Grafana
  • Web: Ruby, JavaScript, TypeScript, Rails, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis
  • Containerization: Kubernetes, ECS, Docker
  • Common: AWS, Terraform, Git, Linux, Bash


Parimatch Tech

Lead Software Engineer

April 2021 — present

Parimatch develops tech and marketing solutions for the global entertainment industry and the Parimatch brand.


  • designed and implemented a data processing platform based on Airflow and AWS;
  • leadership of 15 people;
  • responsibility for the technical solution of the whole data platform.

Technologies: AWS, Airflow, Python, Kubernetes, Terraform.


Lead Software Engineer

January 2020 — March 2021

ManageBac is online planning, assessment, and reporting platform for international schools, supporting over 2,600 schools in 120 countries. By providing schools with one unified system on a consistent, modern, and mobile-ready interface, ManageBac offers a seamless & integrated experience for coordinators, teachers, students, and parents.


  • introduced the platform for microservices based on AWS and Kubernetes;
  • developed and deployed several microservices to the platform;
  • designed and implemented deep integration with 3-rd party Chat Provider;
  • introduced React and TypeScript for frontend development in addition to jQuery and CoffeeScript;

Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, TypeScript, Kubernetes.


Lead Software Engineer

December 2017 — December 2019

glomex — content marketplace for content owners and publishers. glomex received the “Gartner Data & Analytics Excellence Award“ in the “Best Data Management and Infrastructure” category.

glomex is focused on providing a one-stop solution for everything regarding video publishing — from transcoding a video file into multiple formats, processing of metadata, and providing a nice player for all platforms to monetization.


  • implemented the core service that receives all events from our customers;
  • implemented a real-time data processing pipeline for analytics;
  • implemented billing service based on specifications from the accounting department;
  • migrated Python 2 to Python 3, dropped lots of legacy components;
  • introduced BI tool Metabase for internal customers;
  • implemented health monitoring using Grafana and AWS Cloudwatch;
  • implemented DWH based on Snowflake.

Technologies: Python, ElasticSearch, AWS (Lambda, Redshift, Kinesis, etc.), Kafka, K8s, Snowflake, Spark.


Senior Software Engineer

January 2017 — December 2017


  • implementing DSL for core search service in the product;
  • prepared zero-downtime migration of all existing services from regular server deployment to container-based solution and executed it successfully;
  • operated 15 microservices in a team of 5 people;
  • in the team, we completely reworked the existing architecture in half a year due to rapid business changes.

Technologies: AWS (EC2, ECS, Cloudformation, Autoscaling, CloudWatch, etc.), Ruby, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Redis


Senior Software Engineer

January 2016 — January 2017

Talkable — Referral Marketing platform that is changing the way companies acquire and retain customers, by quantifying and accelerating the oldest marketing channel ever — word of mouth.


  • improved referral campaign debugging and reduced the amount of time needed to set up a new referral campaign;
  • developed Talkable Android SDK from scratch.

Technologies: AWS (EC2, S3), Ruby, MySQL, Redis, Android.


Software Engineer

May 2015 — December 2015

Innovecs — outsourcing software development company. In Innovecs I worked on the development of the portal that manages internal resources for the outsourcing software development company.


  • unified UI and UX across the product;
  • introduced a new UI design for the product;
  • improved complex search performance that impacted all the customers;
  • significantly reduced SLOC by refactoring big parts of the product.

Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Redis.


Software Engineer

December 2014 — April 2015

Best-Tao — TaoBao reseller that shipped goods to CIS countries. I modified the existing product, added some features related to TaoBao integration, and fixed performance issues. Also, I developed a partner program that allows users to receive their own turnkey website for selling products from TaoBao as a reseller via Best-Tao.


  • implemented partner program with integration with Best-Tao;
  • fixed complex TaoBao integration bugs.

Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, PostgreSQL.


Software Engineer

June 2014 — October 2014

I developed a personal cabinet for a cell operator. Features: payments, history, reports, devices, ticket system.


  • Payment provider integration;
  • Ticket system integration;
  • Reporting.

Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, PostgreSQL.

Software Engineer

November 2013 — December 2014 — A 3d-printing community that allows finding people with 3D-printer not far from you.


  • Development of the product from scratch;
  • Implementing complex search using Apache Solr and Google Maps API;
  • Implementing order flow with dispute resolving;
  • Integrating with a 3D-model viewer based on three.js

Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Solr, Redis, jQuery, Google Maps API


Junior Software Engineer

July 2013 — October 2013

Worked on various websites, fixed bugs, and added some minor features.


  • implemented complex AJAX forms;
  • developed reporting;
  • integrated with third-party systems.

Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, jQuery.


National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"

B.Eng. Software Engineering

2012 - 2016

A Little More About Me

Alongside my interests in software engineering some of my other interests and hobbies are:

  • travelling
  • snowboarding
  • hiking
  • board games


  • English — fluent
  • Ukrainian — native